Starting from 1992, the program has helped over 20,000 people manage their weight and change their emotional eating habits.

The ability to overcome emotional eating and heal our relationship to food is possible for everyone. This belief motivated Dr. Yakov Aidlin to begin his work, and is the promise that has transformed many lives of the program’s graduates.

Weight issues

Dr. Aidlin began by teaching a course of dynamic lectures to help people take back control of their relationship to food and their lives. As men and women who experienced incredible success through the program shared their stories, the program grew. The Institute added support groups and more lectures to meet the growing needs of people struggling to understand the true causes of their weight issues.


As the program grew, the program was offered in Jeruselem, Tel Aviv and Haifa. Now, after seeing 20,000 people lose weight, 90% of them who have kept it off for more than 5 years, the program is offered worldwide through online lectures and support groups.

Educational Program

The educational program combines practices, exercises and information from many widely accepted nutritional and psychological theories across the world. Dr. Aidlin brings his unique multicultural perspective drawn from his experiences working in Russia, Israel and the United States into his work. His ability to see patterns and common experiences in people across all cultures, helps him identify the solutions that work for people struggling with their weight across the world.
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