Our goal is for each participant at the Aidlin Institute to build their own “personal vision of success”

Why Diets Don’t Work

The word “diet” has been taken out of context and misused for years. When we speak of the human “diet” in the natural world, we are referring to normal, healthy eating habits.

Too many people believe that a “diet” is a long list of food restrictions that can help them lose pounds from their body weight. It’s a quick fix to a cosmetic problem.

Health and wellness are no longer the goal, and diets have convinced us that lower body weight or lower body fat will make us happy. We’ve become obsessed with new methods and tricks and magic menus.

We’ve become dependent on the “weight loss industry” to tell us what to eat, when and how. As individuals we’ve been convinced that our decisions can’t be trusted. That we need the next trendy diet to tell us what to do. But the industry doesn’t benefit from any of us making any long-lasting changes. They want to keep us dependent.

It is important to stop thinking in terms of “forbidden” and “permitted.” We need to change the very terms we use, and the way we think about our health.

We are responsible adults, we are capable of managing so many complex and sophisticated technologies, and the idea of not being capable of taking responsibility for our basic health, is ludicrous. It’s time to take back control. To take responsibility for our own health.

Eating normally doesn’t mean following a food script, it means being able to make healthy choices wherever you are, whatever the circumstances.

To start, we need to re-educate ourselves on healthy food options and basic nutrition.

Knowledge and understanding is only one of the three crucial building blocks of change.

The Aidlin Institute Program Helps Build Our Knowledge In:


Understanding, Motivation, and Tools
At Aidlin Institute we promote change in your experience with your body and mind through building a new understanding of food and the body, developing new motivations, and developing a new set of tools, exercises and practical tips for successful health.


There is a difference between acknowledgement and understanding.

It’s easy to recognize a problem, but not understanding the problem makes it easy to ignore.

Dr. Aidlin’s research and experience has shown that real knowledge and understanding is just one of three essential components for success.

Along with knowing what change should be made, one must both be genuinely motivated to make the change, and have the tools to transform that desire into reality.


We often hear people say “I want to lose weight”, That is a desire, which rarely translates into taking action. To create long-term changes in habits, we need to identify our true motivations. We have to look beyond desires for the root cause of our problem. Happiness and health are often at the heart of more meaningful change. When people connect with their true motivations they realize weight loss is not the end goal; it is the means to a healthy body, and a happy, active life.

Many times people who have suffered from a lifetime of excess weight do not believe that success is possible. They cling to vague images of what they “should” look like.

Instead of focusing on losing a specific number of pounds, we invest in changing your body and lifestyle that make previously impossible thoughts, a very real possibility.

By developing a clear sense of your goals, you can maintain the positive attitude and commitment that will turn the vision into a lasting reality.

Tools: Knowledge And Experience

Our courses are designed to provide practical tools that guide people to take control of their eating. We want to see each participant reach and maintain their desired weight.

Schools teach us to make decisions that further our future. They help us form many of the habits we need to be successful at work as adults. In the same way, our participants learn to make wiser choices about food to prepare them for healthy living.

Students at the Aidlin Institute finish the course able to design their own menus based on a sophisticated understanding of what their bodies really need.

Knowledge gained second hand usually isn’t felt deeply enough to make a life change. When it comes to resetting habits we’ve had our whole lives, we need to learn, but we also need to experience.

The tools we provide are experiences; opportunities to experiment with new ways of eating that allow students to discover how much pleasure there is to be had in a healthy way of eating. These experiences lead to a realization that wise eating is both possible and a more enjoyable. Soon, students find that they are developing new habits of eating. They eat better and then feel better. They continue to build on this knowledge and experience until they arrive at their own dynamic, healthful and joy-filled way of living. No prescribed diet can replace the experience of enjoying healthy living.

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