Change your mind and you can change your body.

The beginner course is a foundational 12-month study course that helps those who are struggling with their weight by introducing them to theories and practices that help them align their body and mind so they can overcome emotional eating habits.

Each week offers a unique 3-hour lecture with Q&A session with Dr. Aidlin. The course is offered in private group lectures online to allow for a supportive and attentive community. After each meeting, participants are given specific instructions for the week.

Unlike most commercial diets, Dr. Aidlin doesn’t treat weight gain as a purely physical issue. He has discovered through years of working with thousands of patients that our impulse to eat unhealthy foods, and overeat is triggered by emotional factors in our lives. Diets with strict rules and food restrictions do not answer the emotional needs at the core of problem. Often, the inevitable failure of our willpower can even contribute to more emotional stress and additional weight gain.

This program helps people manage and overcome the barriers we build in our minds and emotions. It helps participants create a foundation of self understanding that can lead to real long lasting results.

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In addition to providing a broad theoretical understanding of the emotional eating, Dr. Aidlin gives clear, practical advice on:
The beginner course builds a strong educational foundation to help participants gain the knowledge they need to successfully overcome emotional eating. Weekly lectures discuss:
Having the support of family and friends is enormously important. We strongly encourage couples and families to participate in the course together. We have seen amazing results from couples who work together, both in a healthier lifestyle and in improving their relationship.

Through this course, you will acquire the tools to make rational healthy eating decisions, without relying on others for directions. Our community of alumni are examples of the power of this course.

To see the amazing results and transformations that people have experienced through the Aidlin Institute beginner course, view the

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