Weight gain is a modern human problem. We need a modern human solution.

Why is it that we don’t see overweight animals in the wild?

Humans have evolved like other wild animals, we were built to survive in a dangerous world. Our ancestors experienced constant physical work and only occasional meals. By contrast, modern pets and animals in the zoo need to have scheduled exercise, and supervision over what they eat, in order to stay healthy.

The same is true for people. Our ancestors spent their days physically active. Humans feared food shortages – not excesses. Our bodies are genetically programmed to react to these factors.

The problem of weight gain in the modern world stems from a change in lifestyle. Our biology is wired for physical activity, low calorie food rich in nutritious fibers without preservatives, but the world around us has forced us to switch to a completely different way of life. As our world has rapidly evolved, our lifestyles have become more sedentary and we have constant access to food. But our genetic programming that responds to food with a positive physiological/chemical reaction is still the same.

We have adopted a life of convenience and abundance – cars, TV chairs, remote control, push button phones and take-out service. We eat food with additives for taste, color and chemicals, and live a life without physical activity. While all these changes have taken place, human genes and biological structures remained unchanged. Our bodies are “programmed” to make unconscious decisions. Rest when you can, eat when you can. These internal programs don’t work for us any more.

We have to learn to make those choices ourselves. We have to learn the art of conscious eating.
To do this, we have to understand the difference between what we think we want, and what we really need.

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Primarily What We Need Is:

(Surprisingly, we don’t need to eat carbohydrates – the body will make those on its own. All food, except for water, is digested and broken up into glucose (sugar), the body’s fuel.)

The most significant effect food has on the body is raising the blood sugar level.

Understanding Blood Sugar

Measuring how quickly a food raises our blood sugar is a helpful way of classifying healthy foods. Vegetables for example, cause a moderate rise in the sugar level while white flour bread and candy will cause a drastic rise.

Understanding Insulin

Weight gain does not happen only from excess food but from the over secretion of insulin. Insulin plays an important role in the weight gain process. It is the means that allows the body to receive energy and also ensures the building of inner reserves in case of an emergency.

When a person eats excess food, he or she introduces into the blood an excess amount of sugar. The body, with no choice, secretes into the blood an amount of insulin equal to the amount of sugar in the blood and to transfer the sugar from the blood to cells in the body tissues, where it can be absorbed. Each pound in the body needs 0.25 – 0.30 units of insulin. As the weight increases, the body must produce a larger quantity of insulin. It is important to point out that every person who is overweight suffers from an excess of insulin in the blood and from hyperglycemia – a high rise in the sugar level.

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