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Dr. Aidlin

Since Dr. Aidlin opened his Institute in 1992, more than 20,000 people have taken his course, with a success rate of over 90% for losing weight and maintaining the loss over a five-year period.

Dr. Aidlin’s approach combines nutritional science and general medicine with recent findings in applied psychology and education, as well as insights from Eastern schools of meditation and self-awareness.

He is widely known for presenting the on-going courses on “A Mind-Body Approach to Eating and Health” at Aidlin Institute, which is available online.

His background as a leading psychotherapist has given him the expertise and knowledge to be truly effective. Dr. Yakov Aidlin completed his medical studies in Russia in 1982, specializing in psychotherapy. After several years of working in the field, he was appointed to district physician and served as the head of psychiatry and psychotherapy.

He established a private clinic, the first of its kind, specializing in a unique method of curing addictions, stuttering, psychosomatic disorders and neuroses.

In 1990 he immigrated to Israel, and continued his work based on his extensive experience in the field of curing addictions. As his work grew he began to develop his own unique health theory and special method unique to curing food addictions.

It is this methodology that laid the groundwork for developing the Aidlin Institute, which continues to help people lose weight and overcome their struggles with emotional eating.