Is this a workshop?

This is an educational group lecture series. Each lecture is filled with dynamic information to help better understand our relationship to food, and provides the tools needed to overcome our struggles with weight and discontent.

Is this a treatment course?

The course is not a treatment. The Aidlin Institute does not regulate participants by a set of strict rules. Instead, the program focuses on sharing knowledge and tools. Each participant is free to apply what they learn in the course to their unique lifestyle.

How many meetings are there in the course?

The course is composed of 1 year of meetings, once a week. Meetings are held on a set day, with each meeting lasting three hours. There is a short break during the lecture.

Are there one-on-one meetings?

The lectures are given in virtual groups that allow for interaction and Q&A with Dr. Aidlin.

Is it possible to receive answers to individual questions during the course?

Of course. At the end of each meeting Dr. Aidlin answers all the participants’ individual questions. In addition, participants can contact the office by phone: (347) 525 3311, or by e-mail and we will be happy to answer.

Is it necessary to have anything for the 1st session?

The most important thing to bring is the desire and willingness to experience and try new things. We recommend having a notebook on hand to take notes and to record any questions you may want to ask.

There is no public weighing during the course. Each participant is free to apply what they learn independently and take responsibility for their own progress.

Is it necessary to buy special food during the course?

Dr. Aidlin provides food suggestions in the menu. These are always basic foods that can be found in every home and are easy to prepare.

Does the course require calorie counting?

No. Humans are more complicated than a calorie-burning machine. The problem of weight gain cannot be solved permanently simply by counting and restricting calories. Our approach focuses on the emotional and lifestyle triggers that make us turn to unhealthy foods and overeating.

What are the topics covered in the course?

In this course you will learn about nutrition, psychology and the human body including

  • Laws of nature and principles of natural hygiene
  • Rules of behavior and correct nutrition
  • Reducing weight independently
  • Control and self-discipline
  • How to be cured of food addiction
  • How to stop fearing food
  • How to stop suffering hunger torture
  • How to cleanse the body of toxins
  • How to change eating habits

Do I need to contact my personal physician during the course?

The course is not a treatment. Although we recommend consulting with your personal physician when going through any significant physical changes. Any participant who takes medication should stay in touch with their physician.

What is Dr. Aidlin’s field of specialization?

Dr. Yakov Aidlin completed his medical studies in Russia in 1982, specializing in psychotherapy. After several years of working in the field, he was appointed to district physician and served as the head of psychiatry and psychotherapy.

He established a private clinic, the first of its kind, specializing in a unique method of curing addictions, stuttering, psychosomatic disorders and neuroses. In 1990 he immigrated to Israel, and continued his work based on his extensive experience in the field of curing addictions. As his work grew he began to develop his own unique health theory and special method unique to curing food addictions.

Dr. Aidlin’s method is based on applied psychology, general knowledge in medicine, practical fundamentals of Far Eastern theories and personal experience. Dr. Aidlin gives courses on “The Theory of Health” at his offices at the Aidlin Institute in Brooklyn NY.

During the course do participants take any medication or use any pills?

No treatment or medication is prescribed during the course.

How many pounds can be lost during the course?

The weight loss process is unique for each individual. The results depend on the body composition of the participant and how they apply the course to their lifestyle.

The success rate of the course is particularly high, around 90%. A recent test that we conducted showed that 100 people who participated in the course managed to lose a combined 2088 lbs. – an average of 21 lbs. per person.

Can we continue the program after the end of the course?

In order for a person to succeed and take control of their weight, they need to make changes not only to their body, but to their mindset and habits. Dr. Aidlin provides tools which will allow participants to make better health decisions and lifestyle changes after the program is completed, without relying on diets or the advice of others.

We do offer a Maintenance program with the support and additional knowledge our graduates need to deepen their understanding of health and continue to achieve success.

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